Vehicle Anti-Theft System Market for Immobilizer segment is expected to hold the largest share during forecast period

The demand for Global Vehicle Anti-Theft System Market is anticipated to be high for the next five years. By considering this demand we provide latest industry report which gives complete industry analysis, market outlook, size, growth and forecast till 2025. This report will assist in analyzing the current and future business trends, sales and revenue forecasts.

By product, the immobilizer segment is expected to hold the largest share in the vehicle anti-theft system market due to the mandatory installation of immobilizers as a result of stringent government regulations across various countries.

By technology, the Face Detection System (FDS) is estimated to gain the largest share in the vehicle anti-theft system market due to the growing adoption of the lock-unlock feature by car manufacturers. It prevents drunk driving as it monitors the consciousness of drivers through eye movement.

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Passenger cars is estimated to hold the largest market share in the vehicle type segment of the vehicle anti-theft system market due to the increasing purchasing power of consumers, improvement in lifestyle, and rapid infrastructure development.

The rise in Bluetooth and NFC-based technologies is anticipated to drive the growth of vehicle anti-theft system market as these technologies enhance vehicle security without the internet. NFC technologies require less power and help in locking & unlocking vehicles. It also helps in sharing information to users such as position of car, fuel status, and lock status, among others. Bluetooth technologies help in connecting vehicles to vehicles, infrastructure, and everything. It provides navigation, driver assistance, and lock-unlock features to enhance the security of vehicles.

With fast growing population, year-on-year increase in sales Asia Pacific (APAC) is estimated to hold the largest market share in the vehicle anti-theft system market. various leading players in this region including Honda Motor Company (Japan), Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea), and Toyota (Japan) are partnering with technology companies to enhance security system of the vehicle driving the regional growth.

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North America is estimated to be fast growing as “big-three” automakers of this region, which include Fiat-Chrysler Automotive, Ford Motor Company, and General Motor Company will influence the vehicle anti-theft systems market over the forecast period.

The vehicle anti-theft system is an effective automotive security system integrated with Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Global Positioning System (GPS) to prevent theft and determine the exact location of vehicles. The system alerts vehicle owners instantly by alarm through sensors or sending notifications to their connected devices. The system also shuts down engines or locks other components such as steering and tire along with preventive measures such as fuel supply cut off and engine ignition cut off incase theft is reported.

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Some of the key market players of the vehicle anti-theft system market are Audi AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Continental AG, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Hyundai Motor Corporation, Lear Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Tesla Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, Volvo Corporation, and ZF-TRW. These players are constantly entering into strategic partnerships and mergers & acquisitions with various technology companies to gain a competitive advantage and become market leader.